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The Bluetooth ballpen and spy earpiece set is specially designed for micro earpiece users who need help in special applications including school examinations, business meetings, security guards and so on. Spy micro earpiece user can get the necessary information from partner over the mobile phone. Keeping the phone in pocket, then earpiece user can talk to partner and listen clearly while normal writing.

How does Bluetooth ballpen and spy earpiece set works?
I. Make sure load battery into earpiece and Bluetooth ballpen has power.
II. Put Bluetooth ballpen in paring mode and connect to mobile phone.
III. Wear earpiece into ear canal and make a call in mobile phone.
That's all you need to work. Check more operation details in user's manual.

The Bluetooth ballpen and spy earpiece set consists of:
1 x SBL03 Bluetooth ballpen (With extra blue refill and easy carry bag)
1 x Spy micro ear bud (Default is micro ear. You can change to nano ear or profi ear in right side of phone gallery.)
1 x Button battery for spy earpiece

Amplified Bluetooth ballpoint pen transmitter
Bluetooth ballpen is newly updated amplified transmitter build-in 2watt strong power audio amplifier. Earpice user can hear very clearly if bluetooth ballpen is within 40cm to spy micro earpiece. Bluetooth pen transmitter is fitted with sensitive 33db gain microphone that allows whisper with partner. You can easily recharge battery of pen transmitter by connect USB cable to default slim wall charger or connect to pc computer. Bluetooth ballpen needs to be within a radius of 10 meters from mobile phone in open space. Earpiece user can communicate with partner through mobile phone put in outside.

Selectable micro spy earpiece
Spy micro earpiece is a small wireless audio receiver which should wear into ear canal and can be drived by any kind of wireless inductive transmitters including SBL03 Bluetooth ballpen. There is a tiny transparent thread allows safe removal after use. The spy micro earpiece is completely silent and automatically picked up signals from the transmission Bluetooth ballpen. You can choose various spy invisible earpiece depends on your actual needs. Default TE08 micro earpiece is most used and works stable.

Bluetooth ballpen and spy micro earpiece is ideal for:
School examinations
Get answer from partner in outside through mobile phone or even put mobile phone in outside of classroom.
Business meetings & negotiation
Get the information from your partner in real time in secret.
Surveillance and detective
Provide you with ultimate in listening covertness.

Why buy Bluetooth ballpen and micro spy earpiece from SafestMonster
We are exclusive wholesale distributer of MicroEars - a real manufacturer of earpiece and transmitters.
Fast service and friendly communication. Live chat available. Lifetime technical suports.
Secure payments by Paypal. Discounts available for bulk orders.
DHL speed delivery. Lead time one day after you paid. Keep an eye on your shipments.


Frequency Range Bluetooth 2400~2480MHz / Earphone 200Hz ~ 5400Hz
Transmit Range To mobile phone <10 meters / To earphone < 40cm
Bluetooth Compatibility Bluetooth version 1.2 / 2.0
Bluetooth Password 0000
Integrated Microphone Yes
Battery Type Bluetooth lithium battery / Earphone 2pcs button batteries
Battery Life Bluetooth talking time 2 hours / Earphone 7 hours
Color Selectable
Brand Spystudy
Product Dimension / Weight Pen L140 x D15mm 30gram
Package Size / Weight Easy carry bag 190x98x42mm 190gram
Warranty Bluetooth ballpen 1 year / Spy earpiece 1 year
Launched Date Jan 22, 2011

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